Economical and Sanitary
Tray and Dishware Dryer

SAN-AIRE’s PowerDry packs a lot of power into an energy-efficient, space-saving, durable piece of equipment. PowerDry uses a mere fraction, about 5%, of the energy that heated dryers use, saving thousands of dollars a year in energy costs. At home in any commercial kitchen, from restaurants to corrections, it disperses water from utensils, trays and PowerDry's energy efficiency saves money hard-to-dry compartmentalized dishware, improving sanitation and drying them faster. The faster you can dry it, the faster you can use it — increasing productivity and reducing inventory. Any operation can reduce their operating costs with the SAN-AIRE PowerDry. And, the purchasing price of a PowerDry is significantly less than other dryers.

Made and assembled in the U.S.A., PowerDry is a sturdy dryer that will be an efficient part of your kitchen for years to come. It will fit any commercial dishmachine. Using our mounting brackets, installation is simple and fast. Then just plug it in and turn on the switch.

Hundreds of commercial facilities around the country have installed SAN-AIRE’s PowerDry. Call your representative or SAN-AIRE at 800-757-1912 to order a PowerDry for your operation.

SanAire's President, Bruce Barker, shows you how simple PowerDry is to install and operate:

For a fraction of the price of other dryers, you can buy a PowerDry and meet health department air-drying requirements. What does the FDA regulation say?Cloth drying is NOT sanitary

4-901.11 Equipment and Utensils, Air-Drying Required*

Items must be allowed to drain and to air-dry before being stacked or stored. Stacking wet items such as pans prevents them from drying and may allow an environment where microorganisms can begin to grow. Cloth drying of equipment and utensils is prohibited to prevent the possible transfer of microorganisms to equipment or utensils.

*Food Code, U.S. Health Service, FDA, 1995

PowerDry™ fits any type of commercial dishmachine.

Who uses PowerDry?

Doubletree Hotels
Federal Reserve Bank of NY
Millennium Hotels
Sea World
Fidelity Investments
Temple University

and many more...


Prison Unit Option

Built Tough — The perfect solution to your jail or prison's trayware drying needs. This product is made tamper proof and abuse resistant for ALL levels of Correctional Facilities.